Custom Web Design vs WordPress Themes: Advantages and Disadvantages

Today’s consumers search for products and services mostly on the web. And if your business isn’t online, you may lose a lot, including a massive customer base. That’s why an online presence is crucial for every business that bends its steps toward success. It helps to build credibility, expand brand awareness, and gain customer loyalty. Even if your business functions well offline, still, having a website is more of a must rather than an option.

A company’s website is a business representative number one. It’s an excellent tool for connecting with the outside world and introducing yourself to potential customers. From here, you can transmit your brand values, mission, and ethics or merely provide services and sell products. All in all, your website is the first experience one undergoes when connecting with your business. And you want it to be as smooth and pleasant as possible.

Building a website for a company is painful unless you know the objectives. If you need a unique, distinguishable platform, you probably refer to a competent professional design agency. It usually provides a wide spectrum of services concerning excellent custom web design, including efficient branding policy, prolific art direction, strategy, and planning. 

Some entrepreneurs prefer using CMS that is less time and effort-consuming, and cost-effective. One of the most powerful is WordPress that suggests numerous customizable themes for every business scope. The themes vary, and you can easily choose one according to your needs.

Custom design vs WordPress themes

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of these two ways of creating your website?

Custom design

Custom web design is a powerful tool for creating unique and robust websites. Web design agencies have strong expertise concerning design and development. So that they can guarantee you secure, reliable, and professional results. Apart from these, your website gets full customization. In other words, designers mold your platform with a unique design with the help of branding, creative custom illustration by that building a strong and distinct corporate identity. However, the process of creating a website from scratch takes time, energy, and money.


  • Working with professionals ensures that you get a reliable platform that is proved and tested to function well.
  • You get a responsive platform that is optimized for various devices and compatible with all browsers.
  • Your website will be both functionally and aesthetically appealing.
  • You get a unique and memorable design that fully reflects your business individuality and lands to your needs.
  • Along with the design, you get consistent branding that highlights your business identity and contributes to better recognition.
  • Art directors help to translate the desired mood, style, and vision. They also supervise the workflow, ensuring you get your project in time.
  • You will also have support from skilled developers, who can investigate and fix some bugs if required.
  • There are small risks to get indistinguishable and similar to other projects.


  • You can encounter an unreliable design firm and face challenges when working with it.
  • This approach takes much time, effort, and energy.
  • The process is cost-consuming and sometimes expensive.

WordPress themes

Employing WordPress themes is the best way to create an excellent website in less time for less money. WordPress suggests a vast range of templates that you can land according to your needs. There are templates for businesses, personal blogs, and even e-commerce websites. All are super simple to use and customize. Such flexibility and convenience attract many business owners. Still, this way of building a website may have many pitfalls.


  • You get a vast choice of themes.
  • WordPress gives you complete control of your website building process so that you’re not tied to a web design agency and feel free to design as you want.
  • It doesn’t require special knowledge or any coding skills.
  • Simple to use and vast pre-built customization, including color palettes, layouts, and trendy templates.
  •  Already built-in functionalities, including responsive, SEO-ready designs, social media integration, email marketing software, and CRM software.
  • You get a vast collection of extensions, add-ons, and plugins that allow you to customize your website as you want it to be.


  • You may get barely unique and indistinguishable designs.
  • There is no possibility of creating a design that will completely correspond to your vision.
  • You’re responsible for the security, installation, and maintenance of a website that might not be so easy as creating.

Final words

Template-based websites, as well as custom websites, are both powerful if done correctly. The matter generally comes down to your business needs and possibilities. If you want to create an excellent, reliable, and secure platform for your business, get a custom web design. Here, make sure you have enough time and finances for making your ideas live with the help of professionals. If you want a simple website with a modest set of functionalities but with the same responsive and SEO-optimized design – make use of WordPress themes. Thus, you get a decent platform in less time without having to spend enormous sums of money.

All in all, both paths are perfect unless they fit your objectives. Thus, before making a choice – identify your needs, plan your budget and time, outline the workflow. Don’t be tempted by trendy templates if they’re not what you stand for. Think of your business first. That way, you’ll get an excellent platform that would only enhance your business performance, not deteriorate it.

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