7 Web Design Tips to Keep People on Your Website for Longer

Many website owners will be shocked to know that 70-96% of people who hit the back button while on their site never come back. Scary right? Especially because as a website owner, your aim is to convert these same people into regular visitors.

It’s easier to convert a regular website visitor to a loyal customer because they’d have developed some interest in your website. The initial browsing session for many websites is the one chance to make a good impression. If you fail to impress on their first stop at your website, you might have lost them forever.

Website design plays a significant role in lead generation because no one is going to stick around on a website that doesn’t meet them at their point of need. That is why you should know why your ideal audience is before building a website.

As a college student running an online business, you have to realize that what you put into the site is what you get. Since you’re in school to study, don’t let business responsibilities take over your life. Make sure you finish your math homework on time to maintain an above-average performance.

1. Strategically Place CTAs on every page

CTAs are the hallmark of lead generation and customer conversions. If you want people to stay longer on your website, you have to place relevant CTAs on every page strategically.

As a business person, you’ve got to leverage every page for revenue generation. Aside from encouraging people to make purchases, you should also link back to relevant sources. This is how you establish your website as a relevant source of information. People will always want to visit a site that’s informative and entertaining.

2. Leverage Visual Content

Using visual content on your pages is an excellent way of keeping people on your site. Don’t let any opportunity to use explainer videos to go unexplored. You need to come up with succinct videos that don’t beat around the bush. After all, your site visitors don’t have all day.

Describing your products and services with a comprehensive video gets your customers interested in what you have to offer.

On landing pages, have visual elements to get the attention of your audience. For instance, having a background video around your call-to-action draw’s the visitor’s attention and encourages them to take action. Perfecting the look of your website for the best UX and conversion rate will take some time, so going for a custom website design agency is always an option.

3. Your Content Should be Easy to Skim Through

Most website visitors don’t have time to read your content word for word. Creating content that’s easy to skim through makes it easy to know what a blog post is talking about. People who had no intention of reading might end up going through several of your articles because they are so easy to digest.

Use subtitles and bulletins to break down your content into many sections. Bit size paragraphs make an article easy to read, no matter how long it is.

4. Work on your Site’s Page Loading Time

Many people will abandon your page simply because it took too long to load. As a website owner, you need to work on your site’s page loading time. Very few people will wait longer than 5 seconds when they can easily find another site with the same content.

Failure to take page speed seriously puts your site at risk of losing regular visitors. Ensure you compress the images you use on your site so that they don’t compromise the functionality of your site.

5. Leverage an Exit-Intent Popup

What is an exit-intent popup? These are popups that show up just in time so that a visitor does not abandon your site. They are quite effective because they get the attention of the user without disrupting their browsing experience.

You can use exit-intent popups to direct visitors to an engaging campaign that specifically targets them.

6. Include Social Share Buttons

If you have a blog on your website, you should include social share buttons. Readers can then easily contribute to your site’s brand awareness without increasing the bouncing rate.

Having these social share buttons reminds your readers to share your blogs because many forget.

7. Use Color Effectively

If people can barely see what’s on your site, they’re likely to bounce. You need to use color effectively to enhance visibility and boost aesthetic appeal.


These tips guarantee that website visitors will take longer on your site. Every website owner needs to invest in web design because it’s the first thing people notice when they visit a site.

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