What is an Instagram Widget? Benefits For Modern Day Marketers

To begin with, an Instagram widget is a functional block on your website that showcases all of your instagram content on the website. Sometimes the Instagram widget is functional with real time updates; whereas sometimes it is static.

A real time updated and fully customized Instagram widget can help you  make the most out of your marketing efforts.  You can opt for any social media aggregator tool to customize the overall look of your Instagram Widget. Remember that a well customized Instagram widget can help you reflect your brand image in the best way possible.

But an Instagram widget is really important for your business website? Let’s find out.

In this blog we will further discuss the benefits of Instagram widget for modern day marketers. Read along to know more about it.

Benefits of Instagram Widget For Modern Day Marketers

As a user, you might have accused Instagram to be highly addictive. But as a marketer, you know the platform’s worth when it comes to organic growth of your business. The truth is that your marketing efforts should not be just limited to the platform itself. Rather, it can be taken further to the website. Have a look at the benefits of embedding Instagram widget to your website.

Helps You Get Higher Reach Of Your Instagram Content

One of the most overlooked while creating content for Instagram is to increase the reach of the content. Most of the business owners fail to recognize the opportunity to enhance the effect of Instagram content. As a business owner, you can embed instagram to your website and introduce your instagram to a newer set of audience.

Besides, this also authenticates your Instagram presence to your audience. And lowers the risk of your target audience following a bogus account that pretends to be you. Your homepage of the website is the best place to present your audience an Instagram widget. This will help them navigate to the platform easily.

See the Growth In Number Of Instagram Followers

In the continuance of the first point, an extremely visually appealing Instagram account can invite all the attention of the customers you desire. When you present your Instagram widget to your website visitors, you constantly remind them to check out your presence.

An engaging feed on a website can help you drive back to your profile and increase your followers on the platform. The best part is that all of these followers will be original and not spammy.

Helps You Increase In The Time Spent Of Website

We know you must be struggling to get through the time spent on your website. The solution here is to add an engaging element to your website. This is where the instagram widget comes to the picture. You can embed an Instagram widget on your website.

A great marketer knows that people love stories and instagram being the best source of entertainment becomes a great storyteller for any brand. As a marketer, one can embed Instagram widget on a website to convey the brand message in a great manner. One can also opt to embed Instagram reels to deliver the brand story or infographics about the business.

Drives Sales With Social Proof Without Worrying You

There is no denying the fact that humans feel the need to be a part of the pack. They love to know what other people are doing. And what other people are purchasing, hence influencing the purchasing decision. This is what social proof is all about. It is showcasing people that other people are buying your products or services.

But how would an Instagram widget help you in this?

The simple answer is that you can use the testimonials or user generated content to your website. You can showcase that people prefer your products and services.

Do The Free Advertising For You

When you use the Instagram widget on a website, you let the customers talk to you. You will just gather the content from your Instagram account and showcase it on the website. You do not have to put an extra effort into advertising to attract the attention of your target audience.

Since all of your valuable customers will be talking about you on the platform, you can use these as a testimonial in the Instagram widget. Hence doing the free advertising for you.

In A Nutshell

While you are at embedding an instagram widget to your website, you should know that merely an Instagram widget cannot help your business. To have a full impact, you need to have a clear and strong Instagram presence. At the outset, you have to create a content calendar for your Instagram. You can start with optimizing your instagram profile. When you are done with these steps, you can embed an Instagram widget on the website.

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