Top Ways to Delete Duplicate Files While Uploading to Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most widely used cloud storage services, and it allows users to save a variety of things to its cloud, including documents, videos, archives, pictures, and more. When it comes to cloud storage, many people go straight to Google Drive as their top option. It is already pre-installed on Android, and using it entitles users to free storage benefits. However, there is a limit on the amount of storage space you can use. It gives each registered user 15 GB of free storage space, but if you want more storage space, you have to pay for an advanced plan in order to receive it.

If you use Google Drive on a regular basis, you might be surprised to find out how many duplicate files you have stored there and how much space they take up. The files that make up a duplicate are identical copies of an existing file on your Google Drive.

Eliminating duplicate or redundant copies of files uploaded to Google Drive is a quick and straight forward approach to free up space on the service. Let’s take a look at how simple it is to remove duplicate files from your Google Drive so that you have more room for other things, such as emails.

If you are someone who uploads and downloads a lot of content from Google Drive, then there is a strong probability that your Google Drive may hold several duplicate files, consume a significant amount of storage space, and produce a mess. By following these instructions, you will be able to manage your Google Drive and remove duplicate files from it.

Method 1: Replace Any Already Existing Files While Uploading

The first thing you can do to fix this problem is to keep an eye on what you’re posting to your Google Drive. When you use a web browser on a personal computer to upload several files to a folder in your Google Drive, you will get a window asking you to confirm whether or not you are uploading multiple files with the same name.

This aids in preventing the uploading of duplicate files within a single folder. On the other hand, in the event that you have overlooked it, there are ways to detect duplicate files in various folders and delete them.

Method 2: Use Third-Party Duplicate Finder Software

If you don’t pay attention to them, duplicate files might hide in your system for years without causing any problems. Eventually, they will build up, leading to confusion. However, the performance of the window may be negatively affected in a number of different ways by these unwanted files. Consequently, eliminating and fixing these duplicate files is necessary in order to keep the window and the system as clutter-free as possible.

Using a reliable Duplicate File Remover is the best option for locating and eliminating duplicate files in a way that is error-free and does not waste any time. Such software makes quick work of the tedious task of clearing away a cluttered collection of duplicate files.

Although it is possible to delete duplicate files manually from Google Drive, the program does not have any in-built capabilities that may search for and remove duplicate files automatically from Google Drive. You may, however, discover duplicates more readily with the assistance of several third-party tools and add-ons that are available.

Method 3: Remove Duplicate Files on Mobile Devices

It is also possible to delete already uploaded duplicate files in a manner that does not require the use of a desktop PC. You can utilize it on your phone itself, as the examples below show:

1. Using the web browser on your mobile device, navigate to the Cloud Duplicate Finder website.

2. Either sign up using your existing Google or Microsoft account or establish a new account on the local server.

3. Select Google Drive from the menu at the top of the page, and then click the Add New Drive button to link the new drive to your existing Google Drive account.

4. You have the option of having a specific scan performed or scanning the entire drive. 5. Select the Scan button. When the scan is finished, you will be able to view the results and select the appropriate action to take regarding the duplicate files.

You have the option of deleting the duplicates in a way that is irreversible or moving them to an entirely new folder.

Wrapping Up

The following are some of the methods by which you can search for and manage duplicate files on your Google Drive. We hope this helps you recover some of the storage space that you had previously lost and spares you the expense of purchasing extra cloud storage, which would only result in a larger collection of duplicate files. Stay tuned for additional information technology hints and advice.

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