How to Make Your Website Stand Out in 2021

Web Design Tips & Tricks for Your Online Business

Launching a website can be quite the challenging task. There are so many things that can go wrong that a newcomer might feel overwhelmed. Luckily, there are some online platforms that offer integrated web design as part of their services. This makes it easier for people with no website design experience to launch websites on their own.

However, that’s not to say a new website is easy work. And if you want to really make it stand out from the crowd, you will have to pay attention to the little details. So how do you make your fresh new site stand out in 2021? Read our tips and tricks to find out more!

Looks are everything

Yes, even in 2021 looks will be everything when it comes to a website. The best thing is that nowadays, you don’t really need web design experience to set up a good-looking site. Platforms such as offer integrated web design services for their customers. You simply choose a template and edit it as per your needs. And if you want to further customize this template and make it yours, you can do that just as easily. Wix, for example, uses a drag-and-drop system that’s intuitive and convenient.

So all you have to do is add your information, pictures or videos and arrange them as you please. Gone are the days when you had to hire an army of web designers for your site. Now you can just do it yourself, from the comfort of your own home. The existing templates already look great so you might as well just use them like that.

Make it interactive

Everyone loves to share their opinion. So it’s no surprise that websites with quizzes, polls and surveys or even contests generally perform better. Your customers will spend more time on your page and engage with your content and you’ll get to learn more about them based on the data from their interactions.

An interactive website is also a great way to have your customers return. In the case of a quiz, for example, they will want to know if the results will be different on a second visit. Another example would be a mortgage calculator, if you’re a realtor.

Micro-animations are in

Micro-animations are just that – small animations that might not catch your eye at first. But despite their size, the impact these images can have is pretty huge. They are especially useful when it comes to guiding visitors through your website. They will act as tiny tour guides, ready to show them the way.

While these types of animations have been popular way before 2021, next year will be all about using them organically. You will have to integrate these naturally in the flow of your website – this is a hard balance to achieve, since it’s easy to overdo it and crowd your visitors’ screens.

Lighter colors for less eye strain

When we say “light” colors, we don’t necessarily mean lighter hues. Instead, 2021 will be all about colors that are easy on the eyes. Given the incredibly digital world we live in, it’s important to think about your visitors’ comfort. We recommend using tame colors to not put strain on the eyes. You don’t want your customers to leave after a few minutes because their eyes just can’t take it anymore.

In 2021, interactions have to be made more comfortable – less clutter, one thing at a time. And since we’re talking colors, make sure to include a dark mode as well. It’s easier on the eyes and will make your visitors spend more time on your website.

Bold fonts to draw attention

While color plays an important role in web design, fonts are also a crucial element, and bold fonts are definitely a trend to keep in mind for 2021. That’s not to say you should have all your text in bold. Instead, keep it to a bare minimum and only for the most important information.

Bold fonts act as a guide for your viewers, pointing them in the right direction. When you combine these fonts with simple and clean imagery, that results in a combo that’s hard to beat.

Scrolling transformations change the game

We previously mentioned interactivity. Well, scrolling transformations are also a way to make your website look and feel more interactive. That’s because as soon as your visitor does something in real life (rolling their fingers over the mouse), this causes something to change in the digital medium.

You don’t have to overcrowd your website with these, though. Too many will make it feel tedious and tiresome to get through. Just add a few of these animations at the beginning of important sections of your website – so your visitors are fully engaged before they get to the block of information.

Make it mobile first

This has been around for a while but it will be just as important in 2021. Having a responsive website is not really an option anymore. In fact, when doing web design for your site, the mobile version should come first. Ever since 2015, mobile usage increased over desktop – so you can see why a mobile-friendly website is a must.

Add some gradients

Sure, gradients have been around since forever. But as time passed, this concept kept evolving into what we see today – eye-candy meant to draw you in. They’re used to add depth and texture to your website and when used with scarcity, they can be that cherry on top.

When combining gradients with a bold text or a simple picture, you’re going to get a stunning visual presentation that’s sure to catch the eye. We would’ve thought that with the rise of flat graphics and vector icons, gradients would lose steam. But it seems they’re here to stay and we’re so curious to see where they end up in 2021.

Abstract is the new black

Another web design trend that is going to pop in 2021 is the use of abstract shapes. Brands and businesses alike are starting to use these more and more. They add that extra layer of fascination and mystery to your website and will make your customers want to explore and discover what you’re all about. These usually go great with gradients so feel free to let your creativity shine.

Our conclusion on 2021 web design trends

2021 is going to be an interesting year for sure. We’ve seen old trends make a comeback while some of the new ones don’t gain traction and die off quickly. However, it’s good to keep experimenting and see what fits your business. When doing web design for your website, always keep in mind the general tone of voice and what you’re trying to achieve. You will not want a very colorful website if you’re starting a law company, for example.

Bottom line is, always have your customer in mind. Try to make their experience as smooth as possible, while keeping your core ideas intact. Don’t overcrowd your website with too much redundant information and offer your customer a scrolling journey they won’t forget.

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