Design and Content Creation Tips To Help A Blog Gain A Consistent Readership

Designing and maintaining a blog by publishing great content and staying up to date with best SEO practice in terms of design can be quite profitable. Garnering consistent readers is going to be based on the quality of the content and whether it is a combination of informative as well as engaging. People today are flooded with content to consume so they have become more discerning what they spend their time reading, listening to, or viewing.

The following are tips that will help a site stay appealing visually as well as user friendly while producing content that will help the blog gain a loyal readership.

Take The Time To Understand Data Analytics Utilizing Tools

Data can allow a blog to continually improve their content to make sure that it appeals to the readers. Gathering data on things like shares, backlinks, and traffic on specific type of content can allow for a blog to create a growth strategy that data backs. Google Analytics is a must have for any blogger as it can analyze things like the best time of day or day of the week to publish a specific type of content. Monday mornings might do better with podcasting while written copy could be the option for people in the early afternoon Friday.

Small Details Make The Largest Impact With Regards To Design

Small details like the availability of vector animation can be that perfect touch for the blog. Navigation should also be kept in mind as visitors do not want to sit and search for 5 minutes to find an article, they wanted to finish reading. Take the time to only accept ads that do not impact user experience as this can make a blog seem like it is full of spam. Keeping the design SEO friendly also needs to be done as ranking on search engines can help drive organic traffic to the blog’s homepage or article related to what the visitor searched.

Content Should Come In Various Forms

Content should not just be written on a blog as there are plenty of other forms of content that can be utilized. Not only does this help give the blog a variety but it also allows there to be content that everyone can enjoy. There are those that would much rather listen to a podcast than to read a long-form in-depth piece of content. Take time to measure the ROI on each of these types of content in terms of traffic received as the results could surprise you.

A Good Way To Generate Content Ideas Is By Using Your Loyal Visitors

Polling readers or allowing them to contribute content can create a sense of community among its readers. There are going to be bad ideas so take the ideas that might be mentioned once or can be expanded on by the blog’s team. Sending out email blasts asking for content ideas can be done or doing a brainstorm session can help fill out the editorial calendar for the month. Even looking at what competitors are covering can help or there can even be a friendly rivalry started that will expose the blog’s readers from both websites to each other.

Growing a blogs readership relies on a great website design and incredible content marketing strategy. Take the time to assess how your blog can start improving immediately!

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