WordPress Spam Protection: How to Organize It

It is undoubtedly that commentaries are a good option to receive feedback from your followers. WordPress allows them to post their remarks under the publication by default. Unfortunately, such remarks in WordPress are the unchangeable goal of bots. They use programs to make auto-comments and post web-links to necessary pages. Even less famous WordPress pages receive thousands of spamming replies. This activity may damage your WordPress page, as it increases traffic and utilization efforts as well as it affects your website’s search rankings. This guide shows how WordPress spam protection and spammer stopping are organized.


First of all, let’s look at the most popular ways to get rid of annoying spam.

WordPress Spam Protection Plugin

People use such options in order to secure the target site from bots and malware in the following: comments; orders; widgets; bookings; emails; subscriptions etc.

In order to choose the best WordPress Spam Protection Plugin for you – look at the most well-known spamming blocking plugins list. For example, you are able to organize your WordPress spam protection by following these simple criteria:

  1. Simple validation system;
  2. Clear and competitive pricing;
  3. No Captcha;
  4. Easy setup;
  5. It has a considerable list of websites who trust the plugin.

Such an app sends all messages to the server, where they are confirmed using comprehensive algorithms. Whether the info is marked as spam, the plugin will filter it. If you are annoyed of spam on your website, then we offer to try Clean Talk. And for a period of 14 days of free usage, you will understand whether to buy the paid version.

Advantages of the plugin usage:

  • No captcha, images, check-boxes;
  • The presence of the plugin is unnoticeable;
  • No automated spam.

Google Recaptcha

Another possible option to fight against spamming in WordPress is to use the Recaptcha tool. It generates a picture of the symbols and your visitors will have to confirm that they are living people by inserting the symbols. It is a good idea to eliminate spam if spammers use automatic programs to send comments. Unfortunately, this is not so efficient against manually inserting spam and can make commenting difficult for real users.

However, over time the bots have become smart enough to solve a simple task. Therefore, with Recaptcha V2, Google makes it difficult to solve it for bots.

To make it easier for clients to use captcha, Google has launched another version called Invisible Recaptcha, in which the puzzle is displayed only when Google suspects that the visitor is not a human.

Finally, comments could damage your WordPress page and even your hosting account. They increase traffic and the use of other resources, which may adversely affect search engine rankings. After reading this guide, you are acknowledged with how to secure your WordPress blog from commercial spam.

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