Top Tips For Working As A Blogger From An RV

There are two kinds of bloggers in the world: there are the blogger who write their blogs from their homes, and there are those who do so while traveling.

It’s perfectly possible to become a hugely successful blogger either way, but if you’re planning on working on your blog while traveling across the country in an RV, you should be aware of basic tips you can use to ensure you are more successful at it.

Here are the top tips for working as a blogger from an RV:

Discipline Yourself To Write Regularly

Disciplining yourself to write new blog posts regularly is something that you have to do regardless of whether you’re a blogger from home or an RV. After all, your readers need to know when to expect a new post.

That being said, it can be more difficult to discipline yourself to write regularly from an RV than from home because when you’re in an RV you want to travel to sightsee new locations. That’s totally fine, but at the same time it’s important set aside time for blogging as well.

The best remedy for this is to come up with a firm schedule for when you will write new posts, read and respond to comments, market yourself on social media, and so on. 

Have A Dedicated Workspace  

The next tip for blogging from an RV is to have a dedicated space for you to work from. Don’t just sit down wherever in your RV with your computer on your lap. Actually have a desk like you would have at home where you can sit down and work.

Since most RV’s and travel trailers do not have desks and workspaces already in them, you will have to modify yours so that it does. is just one of many resources with lots of powerful ideas on how you can set up a workstation in your RV.

Make sure that at minimum, your office area consists of a comfortable office chair, a desk, your computer, basic office supplies, and maybe an extra monitor. 

Always Be Within Reach Of Internet  

In order to upload a new post, you have to have a secure internet connection, right? This is why you must carefully plan out your trip ahead of time to ensure that you will always have access to internet when the time comes to upload a new post or read your comments from readers.

The good news here is that most RV parks have internet connection, and even if you don’t find an RV park, hotels and coffee shops will have internet connection at the very least.

Working As A Blogger While On The Go  

These are just a few of the many highly effective tips you can use to become a successful blogger while traveling in your RV. Traveling across the country while blogging on your favorite topics is a dream for many people, so don’t hesitate to make this dream a reality for you.

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