Mastering Essay Skills: 10 Writing Section Tips

Essay writing skill is not an easy job, but you can master the skill by following rules and its techniques. Essay writing depends on the structure of the essay: start writing with the main argument and then follow the discussion with three pieces of evidence that will support the case. And if you are not aware of the main points on how to write, it can cause stress and anxiety. In the end, wrap up the essay by stating what it has demonstrated. Also, this type of structure is suitable for a single firm point.

You can make this format more effective by asking a professional about short essays. The best thing about this structure is its simplicity, as it enables you to showcase several points neatly to support a single claim. For a persuasive argument, this simple structure can be helpful. Therefore, in lengthy statements, the simple format can turn as dull and formulaic. There are more structures that you can adapt according to the type of essay you are attempting.

For this reason, structures can make your essay more meaningful and presentable. Compare and contrast is the best structure for some topics; in topics where you are asked to compare yourself with the past you, then this structure is a natural choice. You can build the cause and effect essay point for point by comparing one aspect of the situation apart. Or you can cover all the points in the first half then compare points in the other half. 

Essay structures 

If the question is about a single event, you can use the Narrative structure, which is also called a chronological structure. According to professionals, the narrative structure can consist of subtle details, dialogue, and action. The chronological structure can make simple, even brief, and well-explained. The narrative structure sequence of events will keep the flow chare and make a connection between the paragraphs. The narrative structure is one of the best and effective essay structures. Therefore, effectiveness doesn’t make it easy narrative essay writing is pretty tricky. You can use the below-mentioned tips to attain successful essay writing. 

  • Keep the story move normally 
  • Aware the reader of chronology 
  • Avoid vomit of knowledge 
  • Do not share more than you are required to deliver
  • Please note extra details can distract the reader  
  • Avoid adding gained knowledge in introduction and conclusions
  • Your start and end should include action 
  • Everything should take place in the context of the story 
  • Describe: Colorful terms, specific locations, people

You can also use other structures with the narrative style if you keep the interest alive. Start your essay with a short story is an effective way. In the narrative essay, you can describe a place, action, or person in detail. It attracts the readers to mind without drawing the action. Hence there is no standard structure for narrative essay structure as each part is organized differently. All parts are dependent on the imagery view of the essay. Plus point is single images are easier to remember. The list of locations, traits, qualifications, and qualities are difficult to maintain as impressive. The best use of this structure is for school essays where you have to structure them the traditional way. 

Descriptive Structure

The narrative structure has a resemblance to the narrative style. There is a difference in a descriptive essay; you do not go step by step but follows step via description, place, person, or thing. In the first paragraph, you describe the general feeling about the object. In the body paragraph, you add depth descriptions of particular aspects of the purpose. The last section offers a concise conclusion of the object that says about the person. Following this structure make your essay concise and well-written. 

Cause and Effect 

When attempting a question related to life-changing events about a thing or a person, the cause and effect structure is best for the essay. This structure helps to showcase your positive approach regarding the event. Also, the other entities worked on the maturity and development of your personality. To Build such an essay structure, you need to describe influence in the first paragraph and move to the effects of the events. Also, you have the option to divide your essay into two sections 

   I. Cause 

  II.  Effect

 Or you can discuss both with the help of small descriptions step by step. After selecting the cause and effect structure, don’t write out of the equation. Try to build points between the cause and effects. By doing this, you can attempt a successful cause and effect structure approach for the essay. 

10 Writing Section Tips For Essay 

  1. Do not miss any idea, opinion, or argument even you like or agree with or not. Give details about points related to question even if it seems obvious still you should explain them.
  2. Avoid using complicated language. This may obscure the idea presented in the essay.
  3. Use clear language and make the content as straightforward as possible.
  4.  Your conclusion should contain a succinct summary that draws the theme. And showcase them how you attempted the question.
  5. Be careful with grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. Also, the essay should be formatted and referenced correctly.
  6. Use focused noted to write a good essay. Keep the question in front of you and record the relevant information only.
  7. If you can summarize questions in a few lines, then you can write an effective essay. Also, this ability keeps you on the right track.
  8. Plan essay will help you map out the structure and essential points you need to develop, including evidence in favor of the claim.
  9. Use guidelines before writing the first paragraph, so by doing this, you will have enough time to revise and work on improvements if required.
  10. Clarify your understanding with the question in the first paragraph and outline a glance at the essay. This way, you can provide a clear view of the essay and grab the reader’s attention. Your essay structure should be clear enough to give a vivid picture of the story to the audience else without structure; the essay will be meaningless.

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