How to Promote Your Music on Spotify? A Short Guide for Dummies

So, you’ve googled “promote music Spotify”, and here you are, reading this. Not exactly the fun and exciting beginning of the text. But something tells me, that your situation on Spotify right now is not particularly fun and exciting too. Your uploads get no attention, or get a very small amount of it. Every new release goes merely unnoticed, instead of becoming a sensation. You have tried all free methods of increasing your popularity, but the more you tried, the further you got from your goal of becoming a star, and the closer you got to paid music promotion as your last resort.

So, you have finalized with the decision to promote your music. Great. Then I will not try to convince you. Then what do you want to get from this article? How about a short guide to the promotion?

Let’s start with choosing the promotion service. There are many companies to choose from, and selecting the right one is the key to a successful promotion. Always check three aspects – website, reviews, and prices. The website must be modern and clean, perform well on your device, and leave a good impression. The better the website is – the better the promotion will be. Reviews should be mostly positive, with a couple of bad reviews. There is no chance to satisfy every user in the world, so bad reviews will appear. Prices should be average, not too low or too high. Low prices mean low-quality promotion, and we can’t allow that. Only the high-quality promotion does give a great result.

Next – how does the promotion work? From users perspective, it is nothing. You just select the parameter you want to tweak, select the amount of tweaking, and pay. For you, the promotion is over. But for the promotion service it only begins. The team of music promotion professionals analyze a track or a profile of a musician to determine the best way of promotion. They usually choose multiple approaches at the same time, to ensure the best result at all times. Then, your track starts appearing in blogs, on YouTube, in various music magazines, on social media, etc. The users see it, and wonder what does it sound like. They click the link, open your track, and instantly fall in love with it. Sounds like magic, right? And everything is completely legal, real, and organic. After your promotion will end, your free promotion will start. The algorithm of music selection on Spotify will notice your growth tight away, and your music will get featured in top-charts, popular playlists, music news, etc. People will see it, hear it, like it. And who knows, maybe your track will find its way into the ears of a music producer? You never know. But this risk is worth taking!

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