7 Powerful Free Server Monitoring Tools

Running a site means being intensely mindful of server and system issues when they happen. An observing tool can be utilized to check for issues brought on by over-burden or slammed servers, system associations and different gadgets. There are arrangements that screen for the best possible operation of servers, system apparatus, and applications, and there are arrangements that track the execution of those frameworks and gadgets, giving drifting and examination.

Here are some of the best free server monitoring tools and examining activity on your system. With such a variety of services accessible and incalculable distinctive elements, it can be hard to choose which instrument will work best for your site.

1. Anturis


Anturis offer a fully suite of apparatuses to screen servers, administrations, programming, sites and systems, all from one dashboard. As it’s cloud based, there’s no compelling reason to introduce extra programming or allot additional equipment or assets. It gives absolute adaptability, permitting you to include frameworks and parts as and when required.



PRTG offers system checking programming which can be introduced in only a couple of minutes, consequently finding your system and giving day in and day out observing of LANs, WANs, servers, sites, applications and URLs. The point-and-snap setup and direct dashboard make it simple to utilize.

3. op5


op5 gives checking to a wide range of servers, including physical, virtual, cloud and half breed sorts of situations. It’s an adaptable arrangement that can undoubtedly scale and handle huge volumes of checked gadgets and administrations. Key server execution measurements are displayed in a brought together dashboard that has the up time, utilization details and quick underlying driver recognizable proof and investigating.

4. Happy Apps

Happy Apps

Happy apps conveys complex up-time observing of both your applications and IT framework, offering SSH-and Agent-based network crosswise over private, open and half breed mists. You can screen applications, databases, application servers and informing lines with the capacity to view generally speaking and individual statuses and reliance maps between frameworks.

5. Nagios


Nagios is a best open source free server monitoring tools which permits you to distinguish and resolve base issues before they influence basic procedures. It gives a brought together perspective of your whole IT base and cutting-edge status data.

6. OpenNMS


OpenNMS is a free server monitoring tools with computerized and manual disclosure alternatives. It incorporates an occasion and notice framework and also an execution estimation apparatus. As it’s open source, there are no support or overhaul expenses and you can download, inspect, alter and convey the source code.

7. SeaLion – Best Free Server Monitoring Tools

SeaLion - free server monitoring tools

SeaLion is a Linux free server monitoring tools used to rapidly determine issues to have numerous Linux servers. It’s easy to utilize; simply open a web program and the yield of standard orders gets to be accessible in a selected interface. You can bounce to a particular time-frame, include your own arrangement of orders and analyze the yield of various servers next to each other to discover why one server is beating another.

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