App Trends to Watch in 2018

We’re in a new year, and that means it’s time to start looking forward to the most cutting-edge digital trends. In the world of mobile apps, there are plenty of trends that have already taken hold, and that appear to be on the horizon as well.

If you’re thinking about developing an app or your business is this year, watch for the following app design trends.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps or PWAs are an excellent trend to learn about in 2018.

PWAs aim to give a user-friendly experience that bridge the apps themselves with websites.

Basically, they combine the convenience and overall feel and concept of an app with website-style programming.

Users can access your content, but in a way that’s easier and more streamlined for an overall better experience. Progressive Web Apps tend to be more engaging for users, which can help with conversions as well.

Progressive Disclosure

This trend also has the term “Progressive” in it but in a different context.

Progressive Disclosure is great for apps with a lot of features and functionalities because it simplifies the user experience.

Instead of showing users everything all at once, it shows them features or information when it’s needed. You’re keeping your users on a need-to-know basis, so they’re not being overloaded.

Adding Depth and Dimension

When it comes to the creative design of apps, there’s a big push to make the design more dimensional. This can be done with things like adding shadows, just as one example.

When there’s more depth and dimension to design elements, it tends to be more engaging for a longer period of time for the user.

Along with this concept is the trend to use more vibrancy and diversity in colors as well as more contrast.

It’s just all about giving more visual interest to users.

Conversational Chatbots

Chatbots are a big trend for e-Commerce websites and mobile apps in particular. Users of digital tools want that personal experience, with the convenience of mobile technology, so this is where chatbots become part of the equation.

Chatbots have become so prevalent that it’s no longer nice to have for mobile apps—it’s a requirement in many ways, particularly in the retail industry.

For smaller businesses that want to experiment with this trend, having a chatbot that can answer basic questions that are frequently asked is a good starting place.

More advanced options include things like product recommendations, but this may come further down the line for your business.

UX vs. UI

Which is more important user experience or user interface?

Both, but it seems like in 2018 there might be more focus on the UX element of app design.

Aesthetics will likely take a back seat to UX features that make apps more consistent and more user-friendly. While practicality is taking priority, businesses and app designers should make sure they don’t forget about aesthetics in the process. Finding a balance is ideal.

Finally, another big way that UX is taking center stage in 2018 is with the use of navigation through gestures. While gesture-based navigation isn’t new, this may be the year where the spotlight is on making this more consistent for users.

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